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Max power brand generator offer a wide range from 10 K.V.A - 2000 K.V.A with manual automatic starting system .we have wide range of perkins,cummins,deutz,ricardo,engins both from UK and CHINA origin.Engines are coupled with stamford,meccalte,and with s.t.c alternator .Cummins ,perkins,deutz,ricardo are heavy duty,multi cylinder water cooled. Diesel engines with intagral injection aspiration, filtration,starting system and constant speed governor. Also include - 1.A.M.F (Auto mains failure unit) 2.50 degree celcious tropical type raditor 3.Industrial silencor 4.Anti viberation mount 5.Flexible exhaust compensatory

Diesel generator perkins

Diesel Generator Cummins

Diesel Generator Deutz water cooled

Diesel Generator Weifang Recardo

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